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About Me

As a current contributing author on technology, and a  former broadcast journalist  and technology executive at Sony Global, Qualcomm, LindowsOS & Mp3com, I’m expert at curating the conversation around polarizing tech where privacy and public perception intersect. Having done this for ~20 plus years, my superpower is distilling complex concepts to the consumer – driving not just clarity on how tech works, but why they should care.

In this capacity, I’ve launched 100’s of B2B, B2C technologies in AI, display (mirasol), robotics (aibo), open source (LindowsOS), smartphones (too many) , dumbphones, smart TVs ( Bravia), blockchain encrypted phones and a range of IoT sensor (Gimbal) enabled devices, battery tech solutions, visual and audio consumer electronics and software products.

In Fall of 2023, I’ll be publishing a book on practical AI addressing utility in creative disciplines, strategies for the inevitable displaced worker and commentary from leading authorities about the patterns of disruptive technologies.

To understand the era of AI, we must look back at the patterns of innovations to forecast the future. More important, we must know the right questions to ask.

So, what do you want to know?

Cheryl K. Goodman

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