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Cheryl K. Goodman is a renowned author, speaker, technology executive and journalist with a distinguished career spanning several leading companies such as ABC, CBS,  MP3com, Qualcomm and Sony Global. Her expertise in technology culture and disruption has made her a sought-after speaker. In addition to her corporate roles, Cheryl is the author of “How to Win Friends and Influence Robots: An AI Guide for Non-Tech Brilliant Minds.” The book has ranked #1 in pre-sales in Technology Culture and is a must-read for those looking to understand the profound impact of AI on our society. Her journalistic contributions for Forbes has further solidified Cheryl’s reputation as an authority on technology diffusion and practical AI for productivity.

Cheryl’s journey in the tech industry is marked by significant achievements, including a decade of impactful work at Qualcomm. There, she held roles in Business Development and Marketing within the MEMS division, where she led award-winning campaigns for mirasol technology highlighting biomimicry innovation. Her efforts at Qualcomm showcased her exceptional ability to navigate the complexities of the tech market, introducing innovative technologies to a global audience.

Following her tenure at Qualcomm, Cheryl took on an executive role at Sony, where she was tasked with reviving the company’s faded innovation narrative. Her leadership was instrumental in the market introduction of Aibo, Sony’s iconic robotic companion and the Vision S autonomous driving platform. Her ability to make complex technological concepts not only accessible but engaging has earned her a top spot in commentary segments with national media outlets.

Currently, Cheryl serves as the Vice Chair of StartUp San Diego, where she has been instrumental in producing compelling technology programming. Her work has significantly contributed to fostering a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs, further demonstrating her commitment to the growth and dynamism of the tech ecosystem beyond legacy monoculture silos. She also serves on the “Women in Blue” San Diego Police Foundation.

Cheryl K. Goodman’s contributions to the tech industry, her advocacy for accessible technology, and her leadership in fostering diverse innovation make her an invaluable asset to any discussion on technology and its role in shaping a thriving and diverse economic future.

Cheryl K. Goodman

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