AI-Fluent Class Testimony

Student from 2/2024 Workshop La Jolla In-person Class

"I recently took AI-Fluency Class and it was a game-changer. The way Cheryl breaks down complex AI topics into something digestible is just incredible. Not only did I get to grips with AI concepts, but the hands-on projects really brought everything to life. It's one thing to learn about AI, but another to apply it in ways that actually make sense for work.

Cheryl was always there to answer questions, making the learning process collaborative and super engaging. Their insights into how AI is changing the business world were eye-opening, showing us how to use AI responsibly and effectively.

Thanks to this course, I feel ready to tackle any AI challenge thrown my way. I've gained knowledge, skills, and a whole lot of confidence. Highly recommend AI-Fluent course if you're looking to get into AI. It's not just educational, it's a real confidence booster."

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