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We are offering an Al-Fluent Course focused on Prompt Engineering for $1!

Focus: AI Prompting and Strategy
Are you adept at creating content with ChatGPT but eager to elevate your skills? This workshop is for those curious learners seeking effective ways to harness ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) for strategic outcomes.

Who Should Attend: Individuals keen on discovering potent strategies for utilizing ChatGPT and LLMs.

What You’ll Learn: Master the art of crafting strategic prompts and develop a bespoke GPT solution tailored to your unique business challenges.

Location: Hera Hub La Jolla Office & Zoom – Choose to join us either in-person or virtually.

How to Attend: Options available for both Zoom and In-person participation. Following your registration, a follow up email with payment options will be provided. You’ll also confirm zoom or in-person.  

Workshop Materials: Receive a comprehensive 40-slide Strategic AI Prompt Packet.

You can join via:

In-person cohort on fridays : $129 per sessions and Limited for 10 persons only

Online Class:  $179.00 for 1 hour
Talk about AI Strategy and get 40 slides strategic AI prompt pack. (Must be paid first by Stripe.)

1 on 1 : $499 for hour and $249 per 30 minutes
Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and AI challenges for hands-on problem-solving, including onsite robotics demos and AI platform demos. Live course with the most current data, including a 40-slide presentation, practical guidance on AI tools, tips, and worksheets.

The workshops are held in San Diego, CA. Other locations can be supported on request.

Groups and Enterprise Customers: $499 for hour and $249 per 30 minutes
An external AI evangelist for small companies looking to deploy efficiency with their workforce. Also includes workflow training and efficient prompting.

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