Good Face Project

👉 The Good Face Project is a platform used by cosmetic companies to build safe and effective products.

👉 It includes the world’s largest International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) database, incorporating scientific research and global regulatory parameters.

👉 Good Face serves a wide range of customers, including retailers, brands, formulators & manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers.

👉 The technology offers features such as regulatory compliance screening, formulation of new products, and portfolio management of raw materials and formulas.

👉 Pricing is organization-based and not tied to user seats or data quantity, offering transparent and clear subscription fees.

👉 Good Face is not a retailer or marketplace, but it supports the exchange of information between teams and partners.

👉 It differentiates from other providers with cutting-edge R&D cloud platform powered by AI and a comprehensive database of INCI ingredients graded across 50+ dimensions.

Summary: The Good Face Project is a revolutionary platform for cosmetic companies, providing a large INCI database, AI-powered technology, and comprehensive features for safe and compliant product development. 🔬💄💻

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