AI in Tech Culture


Cheryl K. Goodman is a renowned author, speaker, technology executive and journalist with a distinguished career spanning several leading companies such as ABC, CBS,  MP3com, Qualcomm and Sony Global. Her expertise in technology culture and disruption has made her a sought-after speaker. In addition to her corporate roles, Cheryl is the author of “How to Win Friends and Influence Robots: An AI Guide for Non-Tech Brilliant Minds.” The book has ranked #1 in pre-sales in Technology Culture and is a must-read for those looking to understand the profound impact of AI on our society. Her journalistic contributions for Forbes has further solidified Cheryl’s reputation as an authority on technology diffusion and practical AI for productivity.




"As someone fluent in programming, I initially thought I knew quite a bit about AI and its applications. However, this course opened my eyes to new information and techniques that I hadn't encountered before. It's a testament to the rapid evolution of technology, and this class ensures you stay ahead of the curve."
Brian Alvara
CEO, PublishAR



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